A muesli even muesli haters will love (FODMAP friendly)

I’m over the moon happy for several reasons.


ONE – I have a job!

TWO – I’ve just finished reading a book! An entire book! The first book I’ve read in over four months and it feels like a huge and wonderful achievement given how difficult trying to find time to read anything has been lately. (If you’re interested, the book was Caitlin Moran’s How to be a Woman which I bought on Emily Cooks Vegan‘s recommendation months ago…and I’m so glad I did – the book is laugh out loud funny and smart and I loved it – thanks Emily!)IMG_1119

And THREE – After nearly four years I’ve managed to find a breakfast that my boyfriend prefers to Weetabix! Before I met my boyfriend, I would have struggled to believe that anyone could happily eat Weetabix every. single. day. I find it hard enough trying to understand why anyone would want to eat the exact same breakfast every day, let alone Weetabix. Continue reading


Butternut squash and blue cheese salad

You probably expected, after my last post, that it wouldn’t take long for butternut squash to appear here. It is, without a doubt, one of my favourite things to eat.

This salad came about as an attempt to use up some left-over squash and blue cheese, a brilliant sweet and salty combination! For a salad to tempt me in autumn, it needs to have a little element of comfort. The squash and cheese bring just that. Continue reading