Jazzed up flapjacks to comfort me through an exciting – if exhausting – week

Last week I started on a work experience placement with Food and Travel magazine in London and five am starts along with four hours of commuting a day, combined with the draining effects of getting used to a new job, nerves and a desire to make a good impression, have left me unbelievably tired and without a lot of time to bake or write anything. I did, however, manage to quickly throw a batch of flapjacks together last weekend and I am beyond glad that I did. Come four pm every afternoon, they serve as a near essential energy boost to get me through to the end of the day and the long commute out of London.

Being away from home also means I’m away from my camera….so sorry about the poor photo quality, I’m having to make do with just my phone!

Fruity flapjacks Continue reading


Mince pies at last!

If Christmas had a taste, it would have to be mince pie flavour. To me, nothing says Christmas more. FODMAP friendly mince pie

Until this week I really hadn’t caught the ‘it’s nearly Christmas’ feeling. There’s been far too many other things going on for my brain to even manage Christmas thoughts… things like getting a new job and relocating back to Cardiff at two days notice…which has been stressful and exciting in equal measure. Fortunately for me I have the most amazing cousins, who conveniently happened to be making numerous drives between Cardiff and my home town last week, meaning I could grab a lift up to Cardiff with my stuff…I’ve no idea how I’d have done it without them. Also rather conveniently, they have now gone on a four month ski season in France -envious much- leaving a house in Cardiff in need of house sitting…ideal! The house also happens to be next door to my boyfriend’s…Now things can’t really get any more convenient, or freakishly coincidental, or brilliant than that. Continue reading

Carrot cake in breakfast form

When I first came across the idea for carrot cake porridge over on Oh She Glows, I wanted to give it a go right away. Only, as with so many recipes I discover and desperately want to try, I failed to get round to making it. So many recipes, so little time to try them all! Does anyone else ever have moments when they feel totally overwhelmed by the masses and masses of recipes out there all begging to be tried? Or is that just me?

When Emily from Emily Cooks Vegan posted about carrot cake porridge months after I’d first spied the recipe on Oh She Glows, she reminded me how badly I wanted to try it out. The concept intrigued me. Warm comforting porridge full of carrot cake flavour. With my love for warm, creamy and comforting food being what it is, the idea of carrot cake porridge almost seemed better than carrot cake itself (almost). Continue reading

Bad muffin, good muffin

I’d been craving banana bread for weeks. Banana bread with chocolate and pecans. It’s a comforting everyday sort of cake for me. Thinking about it, banana anything seems to have a comforting effect, banana and porridge, banana, ice cream and toffee sauce, banana mashed with honey on toast…I guess it’s a nostalgia thing. But instead of cake, I thought I would make muffins on the basis that they’re quicker to cook and better warm from the oven than cake, which, when warm, tends to fall apart. I, rather erroneously as it turned out, messed around with a few different recipes to come up with a new one, including a ginger muffin recipe,  interested to see how well ginger would work with banana. As I had feared, the end result wasn’t great. The muffins weren’t even close to being sweet enough, and I can only assume I used too much banana as the texture was completely removed from that of a muffin, resembling more of a sort of slime. Yes, my muffins were unpleasant, painfully so. And they definitely cured me of my banana cake craving, just not in the way I had hoped. Continue reading