FODMAP update and flaxseed bread

Yesterday, walking around the supermarket, I nearly cracked.

So much food I still can’t eat! I contemplated, albeit fleetingly, the thought of giving the whole re-introduction phase up and skipping straight ahead to just eating everything again, however rubbishy doing so might make me feel.

But then I have put a lot of time and effort into doing the elimination phase properly as well as having been an absolute pain for anyone trying to cook for me, that it does make throwing it all away now seem like a very weak and foolish thing to do. And after all, there isn’t that much longer left to go. I am getting closer to the end of it all and slowly crossing the foods off my ‘to challenge’ list.

I have to hang on in there!

Flaxseed loaf Continue reading


Mince pies at last!

If Christmas had a taste, it would have to be mince pie flavour. To me, nothing says Christmas more. FODMAP friendly mince pie

Until this week I really hadn’t caught the ‘it’s nearly Christmas’ feeling. There’s been far too many other things going on for my brain to even manage Christmas thoughts… things like getting a new job and relocating back to Cardiff at two days notice…which has been stressful and exciting in equal measure. Fortunately for me I have the most amazing cousins, who conveniently happened to be making numerous drives between Cardiff and my home town last week, meaning I could grab a lift up to Cardiff with my stuff…I’ve no idea how I’d have done it without them. Also rather conveniently, they have now gone on a four month ski season in France -envious much- leaving a house in Cardiff in need of house sitting…ideal! The house also happens to be next door to my boyfriend’s…Now things can’t really get any more convenient, or freakishly coincidental, or brilliant than that. Continue reading

Mini chocolate-courgette cakes

Nine times out of ten – no, maybe make that nine point five times out of ten – whenever I bake something, out pops the perfectionist in me trying to fish out the flaws in whatever I’ve made. Was it, perhaps, a touch too dry, too sweet, a bit dense, not flavoursome enough or the spice too overpowering? What does it need to step it up from really good, to amazing?

But when I took my first bite of one of these little chocolate and courgette cakes, the perfectionist was well and truly silenced. All I could think was amazing… perfect, even. Continue reading

Figuring out FODMAPs

(Please note this post discusses digestive issues and so may not be found as appetising as my usual posts! Skip it if you’re not keen on reading about these things. There’s some pretty interesting stuff here though…)


Over the last few months, my digestive system and I really haven’t been on great terms. I felt bloated after most meals, my appetite was pathetic and my… um… bowel movements could be pretty variable to say the least, swinging from one extreme to the other without ever seeming to find the middle ground.

For weeks and weeks I drove myself crazy trying to figure out what I should eat to help ease the symptoms. I read up on things like the alkaline diet, the raw diet, the not too much raw diet, the ayurvedic diet, high fibre, low fibre…And after hours of brain frazzling research, all I discovered was that the internet is filled with heaps of conflicting advice!

Lamb, tomato and aubergine tagine with quinoa

I complained about my symptoms to my GP on several occasions to little effect. I’ve been informed that GPs don’t much like IBS, which I think is partly to do with the fact it’s so difficult to treat and every case so individual. Continue reading