Rhubarb crumble and custard porridge, served up with a little something on my current stress levels

Remember when you were small and even just an afternoon felt like an impossibly long length of time? And when a whole week seemed like forever?

I wish time still felt like that.

Rhubarb crumble and custard porridge

Because this week has gone incredibly fast, almost uncomfortably so, as if a small snippet of my life has disappeared in a blurry void, moved so fast I barely noticed it happening and suddenly – BAM- it’s gone already. When my internship was coming to an end I couldn’t wait for a week of cooking and baking and catching up with all those various tasks that needed doing – you know…things like applying to study a journalism MA …which is totally not something I’m feeling all cool and casual about – it’s feeling like a major deal, HUGE!

And I know so by the way my lymph nodes have started swelling up and getting sore…exactly how they like to when I’m stressed!

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Everything’s better with custard

Custard is miracle food.

Slightly sweet, milky-creamy, a teeny touch eggy. For me, custard can lift all but the worst of moods.

It stressed me a bit at first, making custard. I think it was the fear that if I messed up and over-cooked it, that would be an entire box of eggs wasted and no eggs left in the fridge for a second attempt.

I’m just about over that fear now.

Whereas I normally quite like to experiment and play around with classics, when it comes to custard, I’m a bit of a traditionalist. Custard should be vanilla flavour…it just works. It works brilliantly. Why mess with something brilliant?

I do, however, quite like ginger, love ginger, even. And so, last weekend, I made an exception and made ginger custard.

Now ginger custard doesn’t top vanilla custard, because that would be impossible and ridiculous. But ginger custard is still very, very good. (It is still custard after all!)

We had ginger custard with ginger and pear cake.

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