A muesli even muesli haters will love (FODMAP friendly)

I’m over the moon happy for several reasons.


ONE – I have a job!

TWO – I’ve just finished reading a book! An entire book! The first book I’ve read in over four months and it feels like a huge and wonderful achievement given how difficult trying to find time to read anything has been lately. (If you’re interested, the book was Caitlin Moran’s How to be a Woman which I bought on Emily Cooks Vegan‘s recommendation months ago…and I’m so glad I did – the book is laugh out loud funny and smart and I loved it – thanks Emily!)IMG_1119

And THREE – After nearly four years I’ve managed to find a breakfast that my boyfriend prefers to Weetabix! Before I met my boyfriend, I would have struggled to believe that anyone could happily eat Weetabix every. single. day. I find it hard enough trying to understand why anyone would want to eat the exact same breakfast every day, let alone Weetabix. Continue reading


Bad muffin, good muffin

I’d been craving banana bread for weeks. Banana bread with chocolate and pecans. It’s a comforting everyday sort of cake for me. Thinking about it, banana anything seems to have a comforting effect, banana and porridge, banana, ice cream and toffee sauce, banana mashed with honey on toast…I guess it’s a nostalgia thing. But instead of cake, I thought I would make muffins on the basis that they’re quicker to cook and better warm from the oven than cake, which, when warm, tends to fall apart. I, rather erroneously as it turned out, messed around with a few different recipes to come up with a new one, including a ginger muffin recipe,  interested to see how well ginger would work with banana. As I had feared, the end result wasn’t great. The muffins weren’t even close to being sweet enough, and I can only assume I used too much banana as the texture was completely removed from that of a muffin, resembling more of a sort of slime. Yes, my muffins were unpleasant, painfully so. And they definitely cured me of my banana cake craving, just not in the way I had hoped. Continue reading

Plum and almond muffins

I adore almond flavour anything. I especially like the combination of almond and fruit. I also like muffins, a lot. They seem so much quicker and easier than cakes, but maybe that’s just because I can eat them warm from the oven without having to wait for them to cool first. Nor is there any of that sometimes tedious butter and sugar creaming. You can also make pretty much any flavour muffin you can think of. And I had been doing a lot of thinking, possibly more like craving, about almond flavouring and fruit leading up to the creation of these muffins.  I flavoured the batter with almond essence and added little chunks of fresh plum. I also put a teaspoon of plum jam in the middle of each muffin, giving them a lovely sweet stickiness that reminded me of bakewell tarts. Moist, sticky, fruity, almondy….a very perfect muffin combination. Continue reading