FODMAP update and flaxseed bread

Yesterday, walking around the supermarket, I nearly cracked.

So much food I still can’t eat! I contemplated, albeit fleetingly, the thought of giving the whole re-introduction phase up and skipping straight ahead to just eating everything again, however rubbishy doing so might make me feel.

But then I have put a lot of time and effort into doing the elimination phase properly as well as having been an absolute pain for anyone trying to cook for me, that it does make throwing it all away now seem like a very weak and foolish thing to do. And after all, there isn’t that much longer left to go. I am getting closer to the end of it all and slowly crossing the foods off my ‘to challenge’ list.

I have to hang on in there!

Flaxseed loaf Continue reading


On cravings, a cookbook and wheat-free soda bread

It’s been tough this week…the cravings have kicked in!

One morning I woke up desperate for toast and headed straight to the little Sainsbury’s round the corner for some free-from bread. The slices were disappointingly miniature. I toasted them up and smothered them with peanut butter and then they were just about edible.

I’ve been feeling like I ‘need’ to eat an apple. That’s probably just because I know I can’t.

I am envious of my mince pie and cinnamon bagel eating boyfriend.

I’ve also been stranded away from home due to flooding, causing me to run out of all the FODMAP friendly goodies I brought with me…granola, home-made ginger cookies, chocolate torte (which was amazing, by the way). Continue reading

Chai spiced cinnamon rolls – because ‘beautiful and terrible things happen’

I’ve just been reading Shira’s latest post on her blog ‘in pursuit of more’. I love the way she sprinkles her blog posts with a dusting of beautiful, inspiring quotes. One of today’s quotes is from Frederick Beuchner: ‘Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things happen. Don’t be afraid.’  It felt particularly apt for me today.

Because today is full of two terrible things. Ok, maybe ‘terrible’ is a bit severe, but two fairly depressing things none the less.

‘Terrible’ thing number one is that diggers have moved in to turn the field directly adjoining our house  into a netball court. It may always have been a primary school playing field, but it was still a beautiful, green field all the same. And now it’s about to become tarmac. Even the word’s ugly.

I don’t consider myself an innately angry person, but watching those diggers churn up all the grass into mud made me mad, absolutely fuming inside. And this little, inner, angry Fleur, residing somewhere in my stomach, wanted to shout and Continue reading