I’m Fleur.

I recently graduated from university with a degree in English Literature… and now I’m trying to figure out what to do with that degree!

The one thing I’ve definitely figured out though is my love (possibly obsession) for cooking. Last summer I completed the diploma course at Ashburton Cookery School, which has helped me to polish up on a few of my skills. But I still feel relatively amateur, which is something I figure will only improve with experience and practise, lots of practise.

Which is partly where this blog comes in, as a space for me to record my kitchen experiments as I try out new recipes, attempt to wade my way through my ever increasing collection of cookery books and hopefully begin creating recipes of my own. It’s also a brilliant excuse for me to spend more time than I possibly should cooking, baking and talking about food.

I think food should be about making you happy, whether that’s in the form of a comforting dessert or a healthy salad full of gorgeous ingredients that taste amazing and leave you feeling healthy and virtuous.

This blog is all about the food and recipes that make me happy.

I hope that’s how they make you feel too.

And until I settle into something that can just about be called a career, there’s likely to be a fair amount of my figuring out what to do with the rest of my life along the way…but whatever that is, I know I want it to involve food, plenty of food!


17 thoughts on “About

  1. You sound lovely and you’re posts are amazing o.o you’re current position of figuring out what to do with the rest of your life sounds rather similar to the position I’ve been in for a bit too long! x

    • hey…I’ve just been skimming through my comments and saw this lovely one from you that I didn’t reply to…so sorry! It’s a pretty tough/stressy position to be in right?…wishing you lots of luck in figuring out what it is you really want to do xx

  2. Hey Fleur, I’m on work experience at the moment, and I’ve been asked to do the ‘food blogs’ section of the magazine for this week (the same section I was in), and was wondering if you’d be interested in being featured? You’d just have to email me a photo of you, and whatever recipe you want (has to be vegetarian, and probably focussed on fruit/veg, like a fruit crumble or something) – hope you’re well 🙂 xxx

  3. Hi Fleur, just found your blog via the Ashburton Cookery School Newsletter, where I did a course last year. Good luck in figuring out your career while making the most of your cooking experiments! 🙂

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