New favourite porridge

Last week my laptop broke.This week my car started leaking petrol. I slept until 7am this morning and called it a ‘lie in’. I also discovered nectarine and blueberry porridge.

Let’s just focus on the porridge…because it’s so good, it almost makes up for the laptop and the car and the lack of sleep.

I’m aware that porridge isn’t the most exciting thing we could be discussing here. The fact I’ve been driving around in a car that could easily have blown up if someone lit a match near it, is perhaps a little more so.

But have you ever chopped up a perfectly ripe nectarine and cooked it in porridge so that it turns meltingly tender and even sweeter and juicier? Along with some blueberries? And maybe a touch of vanilla paste? And then  drizzled over maple syrup? And topped with more nectarines and blueberries? Because if you haven’t, I really think you should…It’s the perfect late-summer porridge. And if you’re anything like me, it will make you very happy.

I’m not going to be prescriptive and give you a recipe for this…just cook your porridge in your favourite way, stirring in smallish chunks of – preferably perfectly ripe – nectarine (or peach) and some blueberries half way through the cooking time. That should be long enough for everything to soften and ooze up nicely. Stirring in a little vanilla is a good thing too. As is a drizzling of maple syrup to serve.

It’s so good, it’s almost like eating dessert for breakfast. And I think sometimes you just need that sort of comfort in the morning.

One thought on “New favourite porridge

  1. I had something really similar this morning, you’re right, it tastes soo nice 🙂 Hope this week goes better than last! xx

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