I’m…um…I’m not really sure how to start one of these. I feel sort of like a child on the first day of big school, when everything is new and unknown and you’re kind of nervous, maybe even a little scared. Because you really want people to like you, but what if no one does?

And it would be great if I could just play it cool and as if I totally know what I’m doing, but actually, I’m pretty clueless. All I do know is that I want to write, about food, mostly. I want to tell you about all the exciting things I’ve cooked and that have made me, and hopefully a few other people, happy. And I want to share the best of the recipes I’ve discovered and created, along with the memories that go with them.

I’m a university student, so most of the time I’m interested in food that doesn’t cost a fortune or take an eternity to cook (although I’m sure some might argue that English students do have an eternity’s worth of free time in which they could cook. Ignore them, we do work, most of us, some of the time.) I also go for the sort of food that is going to keep me as happy and as sane as possible through the tedious and stressful parts of my degree, along with those occasional minor life crises, or rather, those third year English student crises, the ‘hell, what on earth am I going to do with my English degree?’ crises. My solution to all these crises?… Bake a cake.

I’d love to have a real camera one day, one that I can take stunningly beautiful food photos with, and then hopefully develop the skills to take said photos. But for now it’s my trusty little point and shoot, which does its best, but I do sometimes end up with photos of a quality similar to the ones you see on restaurant menus, the ones which make you want to do anything but eat the food they’re advertising. So I apologise, in advance, for taking those sorts of photos. It will improve, one day, soon, hopefully.

Well, I think I’ve said enough, possibly more than enough. And I feel kind of lonely, in a sort of vacuum, wondering if anyone can hear me. So, if you can hear me, please say hi. And I promise to at least try and entertain and inspire you with stories from my little, cluttered kitchen.

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