A muesli even muesli haters will love (FODMAP friendly)

I’m over the moon happy for several reasons.


ONE – I have a job!

TWO – I’ve just finished reading a book! An entire book! The first book I’ve read in over four months and it feels like a huge and wonderful achievement given how difficult trying to find time to read anything has been lately. (If you’re interested, the book was Caitlin Moran’s How to be a Woman which I bought on Emily Cooks Vegan‘s recommendation months ago…and I’m so glad I did – the book is laugh out loud funny and smart and I loved it – thanks Emily!)IMG_1119

And THREE – After nearly four years I’ve managed to find a breakfast that my boyfriend prefers to Weetabix! Before I met my boyfriend, I would have struggled to believe that anyone could happily eat Weetabix every. single. day. I find it hard enough trying to understand why anyone would want to eat the exact same breakfast every day, let alone Weetabix. Continue reading


Chocolate, cherry and coconut banana loaf

When I started writing this blog, I made it my intention to only post recipes that I truly loved, the keepers, the ones which are 100% worth making again.  For those who read my blog regularly, you’ll know I’ve not been cooking or baking much lately, and the few things I have managed to squeeze in really haven’t been worth reporting back about. I could tell you about the cake I made today, though, which was so full of sugar all I wanted to do after my average-sized-slice-that-I-couldn’t-even-finish was lie down down in a dark room clenching my stomach and moaning and desperately wishing that sugar-rush induced dizziness would soon be over. Also, this cake is HUGE! I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do with the rest of this ginormous cake, which, to eat, almost verges on a mild form of self torture…it’s thoroughly depressing.

The banana cake I made this week, however, was far from depressing. IMG_0952

I’ve tried countless banana cakes, the last few of which have been nothing more than mediocre, causing me to forget how much I really do love banana cake. Continue reading

London Photography Workshop

This time last year, suffocating under a pile of essays, I couldn’t wait for this time this year. I imagined I would have a job, work reasonable hours and have time to do what I wanted in the evenings and at the weekend. Such imaginings almost seem laughable now.WS

I may not be writing essays all weekend and in the evenings, but I’m definitely not having heaps of fun either. I’ve just finished interning in London which has been brilliant but meant lots of time lost to commuting, with my evenings and weekends completely taken up with filling in applications, interview prep, writing various bits and pieces and going to bed early because my brain has been grinding to a halt around 10pm and words lose all meaning. And so I have only just, just, been able to find enough snippets of time to post-process (badly!) the photos from the photography workshop I attended in London a  month ago (how did time go so fast?!) and write up this post about it.


The course was run by Meeta from What’s for Lunch Honey and Jeanne from Cooksister with Sumayya, aka Pukka Paki, providing us with a gorgeous Pakistani brunch on the first day and an enormous feast of Pakistani street food on the second. Not having eaten Pakistani food before, I was in my element tasting all these new dishes and flavours, some fragrant spicy, some hot spicy, some cool and creamy, some comforting – all delicious. Sumayya has definitely inspired me to try experimenting with Pakistani food at home – as soon as I finally get back to cooking again – whenever that might be! Continue reading

Rhubarb crumble and custard porridge, served up with a little something on my current stress levels

Remember when you were small and even just an afternoon felt like an impossibly long length of time? And when a whole week seemed like forever?

I wish time still felt like that.

Rhubarb crumble and custard porridge

Because this week has gone incredibly fast, almost uncomfortably so, as if a small snippet of my life has disappeared in a blurry void, moved so fast I barely noticed it happening and suddenly – BAM- it’s gone already. When my internship was coming to an end I couldn’t wait for a week of cooking and baking and catching up with all those various tasks that needed doing – you know…things like applying to study a journalism MA …which is totally not something I’m feeling all cool and casual about – it’s feeling like a major deal, HUGE!

And I know so by the way my lymph nodes have started swelling up and getting sore…exactly how they like to when I’m stressed!

Continue reading

Liebster Award Thank Yous

I’m a little slow coming with this one…but I need to say a massive thank you to Pretty Happy Baking, Nuts Over Oats and Art of Nutrition for nominating me for the the Liebster Blog Award…an award given to up and coming bloggers.

Chocolate orange torte

Chocolate orange torte

As a nominee, the guidelines of the award are to give eleven random facts about yourself, answer the eleven questions from the blogger nominating you for the award and nominate another eleven bloggers, asking them eleven questions…As I’ve been nominated three times, I’m going to break the rules a bit and answer a mixture of questions from all of those asked by the bloggers nominating me. And as most of the bloggers I would nominate for the award have already been nominated before….I’m going to give you a list of my eleven favourite WordPress blogs…so here goes…. Continue reading

FODMAP update and flaxseed bread

Yesterday, walking around the supermarket, I nearly cracked.

So much food I still can’t eat! I contemplated, albeit fleetingly, the thought of giving the whole re-introduction phase up and skipping straight ahead to just eating everything again, however rubbishy doing so might make me feel.

But then I have put a lot of time and effort into doing the elimination phase properly as well as having been an absolute pain for anyone trying to cook for me, that it does make throwing it all away now seem like a very weak and foolish thing to do. And after all, there isn’t that much longer left to go. I am getting closer to the end of it all and slowly crossing the foods off my ‘to challenge’ list.

I have to hang on in there!

Flaxseed loaf Continue reading

Jazzed up flapjacks to comfort me through an exciting – if exhausting – week

Last week I started on a work experience placement with Food and Travel magazine in London and five am starts along with four hours of commuting a day, combined with the draining effects of getting used to a new job, nerves and a desire to make a good impression, have left me unbelievably tired and without a lot of time to bake or write anything. I did, however, manage to quickly throw a batch of flapjacks together last weekend and I am beyond glad that I did. Come four pm every afternoon, they serve as a near essential energy boost to get me through to the end of the day and the long commute out of London.

Being away from home also means I’m away from my camera….so sorry about the poor photo quality, I’m having to make do with just my phone!

Fruity flapjacks Continue reading